The answer is many advantages, but the most important to mention is the increase in the number of appointments made and therefore more customers coming to your store.

The BDC can be thought as an extension of your sales team, but keep in mind that you need to have a staff with great phone skills, not just sales skills and you may have a cost to implement that and here is where Zonic BDC Angel can help you.

Zonic’s BDC Angel is a cloud based data platform that continually identifies, extracts, qualifies, and tracks opportunities creating detailed triggers that help automate your marketing.

Whether your store employs an in-house BDC department or you choose to utilize Zonic’s virtual live call center services, this is a turn key solution that places your customers at your fingertips, enhancing exposure, generating traffic and improving retention.

Zonic’s BDC modules now include the text marketing option, yet another way to enhance your exposure through custom messages and offers designed to grow traffic for your store.

Request a demo now and let Zonic help you increase your revenue!