OEM Services

Zonic’s Premier Services to our OEM Clients

Recall Optimization – Complete Recall Process to Identify, Prioritize, Optimize, and Execute

Knowing at all times, 1) who are your recall customers, 2) which recalls to prioritize and/or target, 3) the processes and marketing to achieve the best results and ROI. The proven Zonic Omni-Channel recall engine tactically drives recall results and control, from “customer identification” to “recall completion”. The platform gives you the flexibility and control to do it all yourself, or use Zonic when tactically needed.

Winning new customers in your area by seamlessly marketing with 1) “proven creative”, 2) “pre-approved offers” to those in your PMA who are statistically 3) “in-market” status to buy now! Our solution includes the “credit bureau” data, and marketing tools to drive success such program PURLs, IVRs, QR coding, etc.

Conquest Targeting – Program in a “Box” – Creative, Pre-approved List, Printing & Postage  

Retention Reconversion: Retention Through Intelligent Waterfall Marketing/Processes

The Zonic Behavior Analytics Engine (BAE) assists in knowing when and how to re-engage your customers. Utilizing the dealer’s own DMS data, we are able to determine the “habits” and the departmental “loyalty” of the customer. This drives the waterfall marketing approach designed to cost effectively retain customers the dealership can not afford to lose.

Everyone talks about Omni-Channel Marketing, but few can execute on it. First, you need a truly integrated Behavioral Analytics Engine overseeing all the communication channels. Second, the BAE has to control what and when a channel is utilized (waterfall). Third, BAE has to seamlessly communicate with the Analytics and Reporting Portal to report success. Zonic delivers a true Omni Channel experience.

Omni-Channel Service Marketing: True Behavioral Driven Waterfall Communication Built Upon the Bedrock of Analytics and Reporting

Call Center Backstop: Complete Suite of Automotive Focused Agent Services in Spanish and English

Zonic provides a full range of Call Center and BDC services. These services are retail automotive focused delivered either on-shore or off-shore. Our US Territory operation in Puerto Rico specializes in “white glove” Spanish and English retail customer communications. Our “backstop” CRM solution allows our agents and your dealer personnel to work “virtually” together managing your portfolio of customers.

Zonic provides all clients their program results via individual proprietary reporting portals. Program results can be observed while the program is occurring……all happening in a seamless near-real time process. Insights are delivered in an easy to understand display format. We know how to turn your data into information, then into knowledge for you to utilize in the marketplace for your advantage.

Analytics and Reporting: Turning Your Data Into Your “Market” Knowledge…….Real-time! 

Are you ready for smart marketing?