Energy Booster – Real-Time On-Demand


Create On-Demand Sales Digital Campaigns With Visual Impact

Reaching an audience with unique, customized creative email campaigns is one of the most effective ways to bring in business. Energy Booster seamlessly integrates with a dealer’s existing database and allows for real-time email delivery to selected groups of vehicle owners. The user can build a customized sales email promotion or campaign within minutes. Simply select recipients from a dealer’s customer list, then a menu-based interface guides the user through the selection of templates, graphics, and suggested text. End result: effortless marketing that works.

Mix and Match Modules for Your Dealership’s Unique Needs

Build and Execute Sales Email Campaigns in Minutes

  • compose campaigns in minutes
  • vehicle model specific email
  • buy back campaigns
  • seamless database integration
  • targeted demographics
  • special event campaigns
  • lease campaigns
  • inventory reduction campaigns

The proof is in the numbers.

Energy Booster is an integral part of the Total Reach suite. Each module includes extensive data reporting and metrics—so you don’ t have to take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves. Watch your ROI grow month after month with Total Reach.
“As a dealership group, the BDC Angel is set up to allow our staff to easily transition to each store. Overall, the Angel is really a blessing — its intuitive system is just one more aid in providing heavenly service!”

Tiana Turner – Putnam Automotive Group

Are you ready for smart marketing?