BDC Angel - A Business Development Center Tool for Your Dealership


A Powerful Data Conduit Driven by Live Calls and Text Communication

The BDC Angel is a cloud-based data platform that continually identifies, extracts, qualifies, and tracks opportunities creating detailed triggers that help automate your marketing.

Whether your store employs an in-house BDC department or you choose to utilize Zonic’s virtual live call center services, this is a turn-key solution that places your customers at your fingertips, enhancing exposure, generating traffic and improving retention.


Mix and Match Modules for Your Dealership’s Unique Needs

Text Communication

Texting has become a central part of how we communicate in the 21st Century, so naturally it should also be a part of how we market to our customers. Zonic’s BDC modules now include the Text Communication option, yet another way to enhance your exposure through customized messages and offers designed to increase traffic to your store.

Detailed Triggers to Automate Targeted Marketing to Customers Who Need It

  • recent purchases
  • recommended not done
  • 4 months since purchase
  • new purchase mileage milestones
  • intermediate service milestones
  • major service milestones
  • due, past due, at risk flags
  • and so much more…

The proof is in the numbers.

BDC Angel is an integral module of the Total Reach suite. Each module includes extensive data reporting and metrics—so you don’ t have to take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves. Watch your ROI grow month after month with Total Reach.

“We started out using the BDC Angel by itself in June of 2014 and in January 2015 we began using all of the Zonic Marketing Tools in conjunction with the BDC Angel & Recall Angel. Our Service Revenues have grown over 18% this year. The BDC Angel is a one-of-a-kind BDC Tool and has been a key factor to the success in our BDC Department. We are very pleased with our decision to run with Zonic Design’s complete marketing program!”

Keith Hanks – Lakeside Toyota

Are you ready for smart marketing?