Premier Live Outbound Call Campaigns


A Turn-Key Telephony Solution

BDC and Recall Angel Tools combined with exceptional outbound Customer Service Agents deliver measurable and substantial ROI to your Dealer!

Mix and Match Modules for Your Dealership’s Unique Needs

Outbound Call Types Provided:

  • live service appointment calls
  • live no-cost maintenance calls
  • live customer pay calls
  • live recall calls
  • live free multi-point inspection calls


  • customizable targeting telephony
  • fast enrollment process
  • local area code caller ID
  • month-to-month agreement
  • appointments made directly into your system
  • fully staffed highly-trained Service BDC Center
  • fully visible BDC staff performance monitoring
  • appointment alert back to dealer
  • multiple call attempts per record

The proof is in the numbers.

Each module includes extensive data reporting and metrics—so you don’ t have to take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves. Watch your ROI grow month after month with Total Reach.
“Gone are the days of printing reports or scavenging through a database for customers to reach out to! The BDC Angel really improves the ease with which you are able to contact customers who are in need of maintenance. It is direct and to the point, not only providing a list of customers to contact that is categorized by which service the customer is due for next, but it is also one-stop shopping, listing the customer address and contact information, repair order history and even estimating the current mileage on the vehicle.”

Michael Malekos – Putnam Automotive Group

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