Recall Angel – Recall Identifier


Don’t Leave Recall Revenue on the Table

By identifying customers with open recalls within your dealership’s DMS, Recall Angel helps you to prioritize eligible recall services. Recall Angel utilizes accurate and current data stream to focus on affected recall vehicles and simplifies recall communications between your dealership and all impacted customers. Whether utilizing your in-house BDC or Zonic’s virtual live call center, Recall Angel supercharges recall traffic making it a win-win for customers and dealers alike!

Mix and Match Modules for Your Dealership’s Unique Needs

Text Communication

Texting has become a central part of how we communicate in the 21st Century, so naturally it should also be a part of how we market to our customers. Zonic’s BDC modules now include the Text Communication option, yet another way to enhance your exposure through customized messages and offers designed to increase traffic to your store.

Helps Dealerships Identify and Qualify Recall Opportunities

  • identify open recalls within DMS
  • accurate and current data stream
  • documentation area and tracking
  • performance monitoring
  • user-friendly interface

The proof is in the numbers.

Recall Angel is an integral module of the Total Reach suite. Each module includes extensive data reporting and metrics. You don’t have to take our word for it; the numbers speak for themselves. Watch your ROI grow month after month with Total Reach.
“Zonic’s BDC Angel and Recall Angel have provided us with accurate and quality calling lists that have been instrumental in assisting us with significantly increasing traffic for our stores. We can consistently reach out to customers we need to retain or with open recalls to drive them in the store before they defect. The ROI has been very positive.”

Blanca Vargas – The Sullivan Auto Group

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