Cruise Control – Automation Touchpoint


Set Your Marketing on Cruise Control

Capture the journey of customer needs from purchase to trade-in and all the landmarks in between; implementing Cruise Control at your dealership is invaluable. Automated communication touchpoints are triggered by vehicle service and sales opportunities. With Cruise Control, you can rest assured that you will have continuous communication with your customers. Set your dealership on Cruise Control today. Your bottom line will thank you!

Mix and Match Modules for Your Dealership’s Unique Needs

Comprehensive Automation for all of Your Targeted Marketing

  • addresses all stages of ownership
  • automated communication
  • milestone reminders
  • lapsed customer engagement
  • conquest follow-up triggers
  • 40+ variable touchpoints
  • live cloud-based reporting

The proof is in the numbers.

Cruise Control is an integral module of the Total Reach suite. Each module includes extensive data reporting and metrics. You don’t have to take our word for it; the numbers speak for themselves. Watch your ROI grow month after month with Total Reach.
“Zonic’s BDC Angel, recall angel and owner communication program have driven significant traffic for our stores. The way they target customers, and reach out to them at the appropriate time with the right offers works very well.”

Dominic Campanelli – Roseville Toyota

Are you ready for smart marketing?